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Ann Taylor crosses the border

June 20, 2012

Yes it’s true- Ann Taylor is coming to Toronto in the on-going settlement of foreign fashion labels. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you feeling anything? Your tears of joy and sadness = blurry pic

Are you super pumped to see more American retailers coming here to peddle their wares? :S

As a Canadian who would love to see her own designers and retailers become giantly successful here and go on to build international empires like oh, say Swedish H&M, Spain’s Zara, USA’s Gap family of labels and self-made names with diffusion lines like Michael Kors- well it’s a mixed emotion seeing these establishments settle our nation.

Like good imperialists bringing what we don’t find here and at a price that they promise can’t be beat, they fuel our desire for more terrific imports and then send PR affirming that they really love the Canadian market. Cha-ching. Obviously something’s preventing us from developing our own talent, making it sensational for foreign domination.

So another American label comes here, Ann Taylor. This one’s been trying hard to rebrand (get cool/go after a younger demog)- we even featured the brand’s unfortunate incident of a squatting Katie Holmes (poor dear) ad here not long ago.

At first dip, the Ann Taylor wardrobe offers more of what we’re already seeing here from other foreign labels, and frankly the capes are fun for fall and it’s just fine with me to get another footwear retail option in the country. The heels, flats and booties were a huge hit at the media preview. But couldn’t we have done it here, homegrown and hip like we think we can be?

Anyway, nothin against Ann, just feeling that we could do this in Canada. Couldn’t we? I know Canuck fashion designers and they’re struggling to survive- not sure what we’re missing in the recipe for success here.

Without further rambles, enjoy my pics from my preview of Ann Taylor’s fall 2012 collection held at one of my absolute fave buildings in town- The Carlu.


Ann Taylor pumps- super irresistable


Pretty much everything about this coat is winning- the rich teal hue, the 3/4 sleeve, the simple collar and neat sparse closures. The fun and furry ribbed jacket is great too


See, peplum doubters? More coming your way


Lots of knits in juicy colours to brighten up the otherwise ho-hum browns and greys of fall


Excellent Pollock-inspired print.. Is it a dress? a blouse? I had a few drinks and I really can’t remember but I see now that there’s a matching-ish clutch (see above pic)


Ah, The Carlu- art moderne awesomeness in Toronto. The first home of the Eaton’s store wayyyy back in the day


Cute little office getup. As you can see, the waist continues to be an important part of fall silhouettes- if it’s not a mod cut dress, it’s skinny belted


Capes and capelets for fun- honestly, you’re getting dressed, it should be fun


Seriously- a beautiful original Art Moderne water fountain in a building-?! <3 you Jacques Carlu, designer of the 1930 building


Oh wait how did that get in there? That’s what I ate for lunch today- the gloss is butter, that’s right. Well anyway, yellow in a peaches-and-cream kind of way is huuuuuuuge this fall (see other pics- it’s really there I kid you not)

Images by me.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    June 21, 2012 8:27 pm

    Ha ha…nice corn Johanne!
    Great recap of Ann’s invasion. I am keen on those pumps. Peplum…I might still need to get used to that one!
    While I do love to support local, I actually have never fallen in love with an affordable Canadian brand. We do have our sweet Joe Fresh that has gone south of the border in recent years. Jacob has done alright and has certainly expanded across Canada in the last twenty years. And don’t forget about Jay Manuel…

    • June 22, 2012 9:17 am

      Thanks Jordana- the corn was delicious and, as it turns out, was the last thing my ancient, radiation-leaking microwave steamed up before taking its last beep. I’m thinking of attempting life sans micro-ondes… what do you think?

      Yeah it’s a funny thing this Canadian fashion (non) situation- we have few brands here that are successful- good call on the ones you listed, in addition to the other Joe Mimram family of labels (ex-Club Monaco, ex-Caban). I do love the foreign stuff, I wish we had a program/system to support our own emerging talent.

      And yes, peplum- get on that!

  2. June 22, 2012 7:17 am

    Ohhh! I like the colourful fall colours. huh? Colourful fall colours…I see why I am not writing about fashion. But I still like’em.

    • June 22, 2012 9:18 am

      Haha nice one.
      Yes I think a colourful fall colour scheme is a welcomed change- corny yellow (brighter than Maille’s Dijon) is great for fall- unexpected and sunny. But, for now- summer!

      P.S. Sue, are you going to peplum it up this year ya think?


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