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My soft skin and the skin care line that has changed everything

June 26, 2012

This Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant by Eminence is magic- it’s a rice-based powder that with a touch of damp fingers, rubs your face just right, leaving it soft and smelling like jam. So happy to have this in my life- it’s amazing

Last year was a rather poor year for my skin- I was constantly breaking out, I was using a range of swag face freebies (all good products, mind you- but the right ones for me? not sure) and essentially failed to get into a stable skin care regimen that kept the pores hydrated, cleansed, and downright radiant.

Now I confess that experiencing radiance is somewhat elusive- what does it even mean? Are you really glowing? glossy? sparkling? Do you have to receive compliments on your skin to be officially radiant? Or is a state of mind, as in, I’ll do this face masque for radiant complexion and then I will be radiant-?

Eminence’s Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment is a ‘hurt-so-good- kind of product: it looks like tar, has a stretchy, gooey texture, smells like cinnamon and is spiked with paprika- and yeah it hurts your face. But it will do wonders

My boyfriend and I enjoy doing this Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment together on the weekends. Together we conquer the pain for beauty (although unlike me, he has flawless skin that requires no maintenance- he just likes the spa activity). And yes, it hurts and our faces get all red, which is why we follow-up this with a soothing masque

This masque and the Mandarin Roobois masque actually do make the skin radiant. I’ve tried it and every time, same thing- radiance. People even commented. So there is such a thing after all

I like to do the apricot masque after the searingly-good thermal mud treatment, helps cool things down and leaves me feeling as if I had just eaten fresh apricot jam, which I like

Well, I have to tell you folks that I have for the first time in recent years experienced radiant skin- over and over again. It’s all thanks to Eminence Handmade Organic Skin Care.

I have also experienced the softest skin I’ve ever felt on myself, and can only imagine was as soft when I did have a baby’s bottom. I’ve never been so taken by a line of product that I openly declare that I’m obsessed with the eye cream. The eye cream!!

This is the stuff of dreams- the texture is silky smooth and the scent is divine. My eyes look like a million bucks, which is what you really want to know

So if you are where I was a mere 9 months ago as the New Year rang in, and I thought, this year, this 2012- I am taking control of my skin. I’m going to start over with a new commitment and new products- all from the same line- and I will turn around my face issues. I don’t care what it costs- I’m going to go all out, spend some cash, do the routine, stick to it and then be radiant! And I’m going organic and that’s that. It’s my face, dammit.

But then I started to look at organic skin care lines and nothing really made me excited- I’d used some organic face stuff before but I either didn’t like the feel, the results, the scent, ugh. And in the case of other companies offering organic skin care, some products were only 90% organic. Well-? My plan was a full-on commitment, so 90% just wasn’t gonna do.

This masque feels and smells so good that I want to buy it for everyone I know. It’s ridiculously amazing. Every single time I apply it, I think, I really need to buy this in bulk and spread the joy

So I took the leap.

I had purchased a spa day extravaganza for two at Chi Spa for my friend Marina and I and so in the torrent of February snow, we went for our treatments- she had a massage, I had a facial. But not just any facial- I had an Eminence Handmade Organic Skin Care facial. And that’s when my face revolution happened.

I experienced the most luscious products- a probiotic face cucumber and yogurt masque that eats away the gunk in your pores but feels cool and hot at the same time; a quince and ice wine masque full of antioxidants and wrinkle-fighting power; a pear and poppy seed microderm exfoliant; the addictive eye cream with St. John’s Wort, corn germ oil, bioflavonoids, vitamins and marigold; the persimmon and cantaloupe day cream with broad spectrum SPF 32.

I love the combination of ingredients that you find at Eminence- stuff you know and can eat. Makes sense and truly has done wonders for my skin

I love this stuff. Every morning starts with this- a super refreshing scent that wakes up my pores, wipes away the sleep and cleanses neatly. I use it again at night as my evening wash. I adore the smell, the dense sap-like texture and the fact that I only need a drop the size of a pea to wash my entire face. This bottle is lasting me FOREVER

Well, let’s just say that I had never experienced face bliss like this before. So I bought a few things, and I’ve since tried a few more. And getting into this seriously, I’ve been really interested in learning more about Eminence as a company and the extensive collection of products they create.

I’m fascinated by the Hungarian company’s commitment (like my own) to go all the way: the company has been around since 1958 in a small town where herbs, fruit and plants were used for generations as natural remedies. Even today the ingredients are hand picked and hand mixed together in small batches with the addition of thermal hot spring water for which the country is famous. I’m lucky that I have visited Hungary- Budapest and the nation’s beautiful countryside, and I know a few Hungarians, and so I really appreciate the culture and the old world ways of doing things back home.

And you will too if you’re thinking about adopting a new line of face/body products. I haven’t even tried the body stuff yet- so that’s still exciting stuff to come. Eminence also offers cosmetics, too.

I also want to let you know that Chi Spa was really awesome at supplying me with samples to try a variety of masques at home and the unbelievably amazing strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant- it’s a powder that you apply to damp skin and it stays finely gritty, allowing you to get more even rub than a solution with gritty particles at top:

Powdery goodness. Just opening the jar smells like real strawberry rhubarb, and there are other options too if you’re obsessed with the combo, such as the masque and moisturizing whip

So now that I’m an Eminence fanatic and constantly thinking about how much more I will invest in Eminence goodness, I’m wondering if you’re going to give it a try. At Chi Spa I was hooked up with really awesome samples of the masques, dermafoliant, moisturizers – you name it. I’m super pumped to go back and pick up new goods and my favourites so far.

Convenient travel-sized jars of wonderpotion Eminence, and let me tell you that although the stuff is expensive, a little really does go a long way, so you’ll have lots for a long time

I adore my moisturizer – the Sugar Plum Whip is so light, fresh, has a whipped texture, smells genuine and leaves my skin so soft. I can’t believe this is all true, and I’m a fusspot when it comes to face stuff especially about scent

Images courtesy of me and Eminence.

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