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Recent Acquisition – the summer sandal

June 28, 2012

These are my new UGG Australia sandals, so you know they’re ridiculously comfy. All-leather all the time, with an awesome long-lasting sole. I love the perforated leather and the simplicity of this design. And I got them on sale :)

Just when you’re thinking, that’s it I’ve had it with uncomfortable sandal options everywhere I go-!, then you discover that your fair city has an UGG Australia store chock-full of beautiful, comfy shoes, slippers, heels, flats- you name it. You’d never know you were in an UGG store- except that everything is lovingly cushioned to provide utmost comfort.

And with the company’s new made in Italy collection, you won’t believe these are actually UGGs, and super padded and comfortable.

This, my friends, is a game changer.


How many times have I coveted wooden shoes only to discover that they’re wooden inside & out? Gazillions. But those are the pre-UGG Australia days. These have a cushy built-in sole, so you’ll be super sexy wearing these and never feel pain! From the label’s new made in Italy collection


Gorgeous UGG Australia open-toe, woven leather booties with cushy insole but wooden hell. Super hot


Easy-to-wear wedges, snakeskin goes with everything – but we knew that already


Lovely wedges again by the made in Italy collection. I’m so impressed with the quality materials, detailed stitching and very come-hither pricing for these pieces


Super fun silk ankle-wrap espadrilles with matching scarf bag (the purple version of this combo has amazing pop value)


Beautiful saddle-inspired bags, top-quality leather and trim. I’m in love. YES this is UGG Australia!! Aren’t you in shock?


I was really into these sexy, comfy purple suede wedges- barely any foot rise = endless comfort wearing them (and they’re on sale right meow!)


Kinda fun, eh? More than just cozy boots in this place. But look at the details, the stitching, the leather. It’s really impressive


omg omg omg!! too cute for words

Images courtesy of me.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    June 28, 2012 6:12 pm

    Oh wow – I would not have guessed that these are all Uggs. Pretty cool.


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