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Visual effects: Lessons with Anne Hathaway

July 17, 2012

Today is not Friday, but we just couldn’t resist this faux pas situation to squeeze in a lesson in styling visuals since we had a jolly good time analyzing sandal ankle straps not so long ago.

Check this out: Anne Hathaway goes on the show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday wearing a print-with-print, cut-out neckline and top boob cut-out by Stella McCartney for the designer’s spring 2013 collection:

Anne Hathaway in Stella McCartney SS13 appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

At first you may think to yourself, ‘Anne Hathaway I just can’t stand that haircut on you’, but really don’t you think she’s a great choice to play in Les Misérables? This is not a joke- the actress cut her hair for the part and cried “inconsolably” over her long gone long locks, likening herself to “mental patient-crying level“.

Things wouldn’t look so dire if she knew how to dress for this hair cut. This print dress shows us how Anne (and possibly her stylist if she uses one) have not figured this one out. Let’s examine closely.

This dress is perfectly ill-suited to Anne’s silhouette: the front neck/chest smaller print shape elongates her neck by creating an hourglass shape at the collarbone, effectively sending her head visually higher and dropping her breasts lower down her torso. Her breasts are then further dropped lower by the semi-circle cut-outs. This leaves her with next-to-no waist.

Note how the dress appears to add weight to her body: the large gingham print combined with the dress’ too loose fit and knee length broadens Anne’s slim body. It creates a wide focal point lower on her frame that contrasts with her comparatively small head which is way at the top and appearing smaller because of the pixie hair cut. The shoes aren’t so much a problem but if they had been in nude, it would have helped make the dress appear more proportioned by giving her frame more length to carry such a bottom-heavy dress.

This was not a wise choice for Anne, who is typically an exemplary dresser. This Stella McCartney dress would have looked better on her if she’d taken a pair of scissors backstage and cut out the top neck brace, hiked up the sweetheart neckline and brought up the dress’ hemline by at least four inches. Anne, if you’re listening, I’m available for hire and you can contact me here.

Image courtesy of The Cut.

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