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Summer Essentials: the après beach

August 7, 2012

This grey cotton terry dress is so perfect for post-beach wear we want to reach into the monitor and steal it. The neutral colour is a natural compliment to every possible swim suit and the low cut shape and short length will prevent your hot blooded, bronzed beach bod from overheating while the sleeves offer the cozy factor. $49 at Victoria’s Secret

I suppose it’s no big surprise that I love beach days.

It’s the sunny weather, the sound of waves lapping up the shore, and a kaleidoscope of outfit possibilities and costume changes. Cover-ups, pre-beach wear, post-beach wear, sandals, hats, jewelry. Not to mention beach bags, towels, parasols. It’s impossible to deny that hitting the surf is now a fashion show more than ever before- or maybe now there are just more goodies to play with. Just think of how many different swim suit pairings a gal who writes a fashion blog might have? (Fact: not that many- but she’s a dreamer, alright.)

Bikinis are excellent for maximizing the number of possible combinations of outfit mixes and matches – I’ve even used them to teach grade 12 Finite mathematics. If you love to dress up, change looks mid-day, and then again at night- the sandy land is your land.

Out of the entire day’s carousel of lycra this and straw that, one of my secret favourite moments is the post-beach evening outfit when I slip into something cozy. I’m someone who widely advertises having a natural, biological cooling down system far more efficient than other people’s, like having a built-in AC while everyone’s sweating it out, making me best suited for high summer heat and winters in tropical destinations. My mom always says that I’m “frileuse” (chilly) and fur slippers were a staple in my life as long as I can remember. I so often feel cool that I have a habit of saying I’m feeling frisky instead of “frisquet”. Sometimes both are true.

Needless to say I love the heat and tolerate it better than most people – anecdotal and genetics confirm the fact. I love feeling the heat on my skin and when the evening comes, so does a cooler breeze and I’m reaching for an outfit to wrap around like a giant bear hug.

Today’s Victoria’s Secret mini terry cloth dress (pictured at top) is a perfect garment for sunset hour. Slip that on directly over your swim suit or (even better) change into some dry undies and walk out from your beach motel to the lobster shack. This is summer dressing 101: see how our a little metallic green flat sandal on our model makes this dress look super suave and carefree? Easy as pie and with just enough definition in cut so that you can exhale after a day of sucking in your belly on the beach. This terry slip-on is a classic example of appearing fabulous as if by complete unrehearsed accident: oh, this old thing? It’s just a simple cotton terry dress.

Well it’s not so simple- the neckline is revealing and sexy, ditto for the mini length. The covered up sleeves are perfect for pretending that you’re actually dressed in clothes. Let’s face it- it’s a glorified sexy towel that’s thin and deconstructed like you just came off the set of a Harlequin cover. Who could possibly resist that summer fantasy?

Image courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

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