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A fashionista in Maine

August 21, 2012

As my friend Amy noted, “That’s quite the bib, fashionista!” Well, fashion don’t mean a thing when you’re chowing down on your first lobstah of the season. This one went down the hatch on the dock behind Frisbee’s in Kittery Point, Maine, and it was delish

Ahhhhhhhhhh zee ocean.

I’ve been barely 24 hours back from the most outstanding vacation on Maine’s beautiful beach coast spanning Kittery Point, Maine, all the way to spectacular Ogunquit and I can still smell the sea air. I’m guessing that my bodyboarding and beach tan will quickly fade away unless I lie in the urban sun but I can’t even think about that right now- I’m still hearing the call of the surf and the taste of steamers.

I realize that it looks like all I did was eat on my vacation in Maine. Well I sure did my best to take a bite out of the overflow of lobsters on the coast this season. Truth is, if I wasn’t writing a fashion blog, it would be a food blog. So this post is a little of A and a lot of B.


First things first: how about our ‘humble’ abode? My boyfriend and I stayed at the stunning Kittery Point Cottage, right on the shore of the Piscataqua River that divides up New Hampshire and Maine. Waking up on the loft floor of this open concept cabin was a dream come true, especially on first morning’s thick fog and sound of the fog horn coming from the ocean light house. We adored having this place to call home and found out that many Canucks stay there, too


We went out for dinner at Robert’s Maine Grill- a new spot in Kittery with a half-price oyster Monday. The waitress kindly messed up our order so we got extra oysters and sipped on Riesling. The main meals were so-so; the fried clams were very expensive and arrived cold. Whatever else we ordered wasn’t worth remembering. Note to selves: next time, just order drinks & oysters. Local art on the walls for sale including my boyfriend’s uncle Tim Beavis’ work.


We ordered three varieties of oysters including these Indian Creek from Maine. A Gooseberry Bay oyster from Canada was also excellent


Okay so this is a fashion blog, let’s discuss the outfits. This fun getup is the perfect mix: vintage cruise ship pants, raw silk backless scarf tank and gold disco pumps


All dressed up in my fashionista sailor outfit for dinner at my fave place: Morrison’s Lobsters in Kittery. The small resto seats guests on its dock that juts out into Portsmouth’s beautiful harbour. For a sunset dinner I wore my trusted prescription sunglasses by Video from Rapp Optical in Toronto- I’ve had these for about a decade


A view from Morrison’s Lobsters. We’re having wine, lobsters and steamers as these folks sail into Portsmouth’s harbour


This was our ride for the duration of our stay- a BMW station wagon. Yep this week was really roughing it. Here is the sunset view of the estuary from the deck as we dined at Robert’s


This trusty cotton sleeveless dress is a perfect après-beach throw-on and worked well with a sarong that I converted into a sleeveless cape for a late-afternoon walk at Fort Foster beach. There actually were double rainbows behind me. I kid you not


You won’t just find double rainbows on the coast- there’s sea life, too. Apparently the sign here at Fort Foster beach neglects to mention the number to call if you see a shark (!) which we did while body surfing on our last day at Ogunquit this past Sunday (!!).


Nothin’ like a fresh piece of haddock from Tom’s Fried Clams in York, ME, where the fried clams really are outstanding and the haddock, too


Ah, steamers! I love you. I can’t get enough of steamed clams. They may be my downfall and with lobsters, sure made me one happy gal. Note the light-wash cotton denim shirt worn with neon tank- so easy and so fearless


When you’re stuffing your shell with steamers and lobstahs, slipping into your new lime green bikini by Sea Folly can be fearsome. But I got over it pretty fast


This fast! Here is how I spent my non-eating hours all week long. I am at Ogunquit Beach bodyboarding (left) while my boyfriend demonstrates flawless bodysurfing. He’s got poise, doesn’t he? His mom taught him perfect technique and there he is, launched straight afront the wave like an arrow heading for shore. Outstanding!


Here I’m wearing a Roxy rash guard on top of my two-piece green bikini by Sea Folly. The rash guard helps keep you a tad warmer than going nearly-bare, and I wore it a couple of times. The ocean was really warm at Ogunquit Beach this time around: 68 degrees was our max, and this might have been a 62-degree day


Nothing beats slipping into comfy clothes after a day frolicking in the surf. My puffy fleece-lined sweatshirt is my best pal at home and on vacation, and these red striped Peruvian cotton pants from Water Monkey in Portsmouth, NH with ties at the ankles and multiple pockets were perfect for lounging with a glass of wine out of our new garage sale-found  silver-tipped 1960s glassware – scored for less than a buck a piece! I love America


Our trip was a little over one week and this was our view from our second residence- farther up looking out onto the Piscataqua River near the Portsmouth Harbour where the current is quite strong. The dock on the right is where we had coffee on Sunday morning, and on the left you can see the old lumber remains of a train track bridge that once spanned the shores


There were crabs crabs crabs everywhere we went. No crabby people, though- I was very impressed with the friendliness and warm welcome by all the folks we ran into


Here is a washed-up lobster trap on Fort Foster beach. So simple yet so compelling – no wonder the lobsters fall for it. I want to get in there and wait for them to walk right in. Alas, there were no lobsters within when we showed up


Here’s another shot of me at Fort Foster beach- just can’t get enough of that double rainbow even though only one came through in the pic. If you notice that my blog is no longer being updated with Toronto news, it’s because I’ve hitched a ride back to the coast. Let me tell you how tempted I am

All images courtesy of me.

And meanwhile on beaches in China.. the facekini :S

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  1. August 24, 2012 5:18 pm

    Hello–how many ways can you look fabulous…and relaxed? I was reading this post on my weak iPhone signal while we drove in PEI. Having lobster tonight and oysters a couple days ago…we are on the same wavelength lady! Now, can you choose me a new haircut please? Something that goes with a lobster bib ideally.

    • August 24, 2012 6:17 pm

      Sue! Hi! Sounds delish what you’re eating- it IS my Maine menu!

      And thanks for your sweet words of support; I can always count on you to tell me my posts are okay and that I’m looking great! (even if I’m feeling extra-indulgent and a little awkward posting two dozen pics of me me me me me on my fabulous, look at me here! and here! vacation).

      And yes, we are totally on the same wavelength! East coast summer. I hope your lobster coast trip is going well and that you’re getting topped up on your crustacean craving. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

      Meanwhile, if you really are looking for a new hair cut: might I recommend the best hair stylist in the city? She’s been handling my head for about five years and she’s not cutting most of my friends’ hair, too. Her name is Carol and she’s the best- and she’s affordable ($40 a cut). She is located across from OCAD at 77 McCaul Street; she has transformed the living/den area of her street-level condo into a salon, so she works for herself, by herself. There’s no one like her and she really is a special gal. I can give you her # if you’d like.

  2. Jordana permalink
    August 29, 2012 9:03 am

    Wow – seems like you had one fantastic vacation! Food, surf and lots of r & r – what a perfect trip!

    • August 29, 2012 10:02 am

      I really did- it was perfect. Being back to the city is so cruel..


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