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Dagger danglers for a killer fall

August 23, 2012

When the seasons change, so awakens our desire to pounce on the latest trends. Years of experience taught us that the best antidote is snapping up a fab accessory that updates the wardrobe in one go. This brass dagger necklace spiked with crushed bisumth is on trend as the new, unstructured way to sparkle and can easily counter a sugary-sweet office look à la J.Crew as it can sexify a simple little black dress. $218 by Lady Grey at Catbird

If you’re gonna find yourself in handcuffs this season, you might as well go down as having put up a good fight.

Fashion folks like us love summing up a trend in a snazzy or reductive word and as much as we here find it slightly ridiculous, we are guilty of the charge and not passing go. Like it or not, you’ll be seeing a lot of spikes, daggers and sharp corners this fall so we’re taking the edge off the blade of a clever title by calling it the pointy trend.

As a not-so-secret spy fantasied gal, I’m feeding my hired gun instinct by passing on bullets for a good old-fashioned sharp edge. What’s great about this trend is that you don’t have to go around with a concealed dagger strapped to your stockings (how dangerous!) but rather sport the weapon in full view: slingbacks, knuckledusters, pendants and cuffs offer a spunky yang to the ying of other fall trends such as 60’s chic and 70’s disco.

Today’s feature: dangerous danglers

Upcoming: pointy edges all around

Garnet and gold stud earrings, $95 by Katie Diamond

Handmade silver arrowhead ring encrusted with black diamonds, $300 by Elisa Solomon

Fox & Thistle crescent necklace in silver, $115

This silver amulet comes with your choice of fragrance. $250 by Talon

Brass sabre stud earrings, $90 by Collette Ishiyama

Pyramid stud earrings in green gold by Lauren Wolf, $298

Elongated solid 14K gold pendant and necklace from Brooklyn designer Nancy Kraskin, $308

Need we say more? Silver heart and gold dagger made in Brooklyn by Bittersweets NY, $450

All images of fapieces featured today courtesy of the outstanding Catbird shop.

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