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August 30, 2012

These American-themed election elephants have a point when it comes to the circus of election time. $75 by Vineyard Vines

We love the cheeky details in the capsule collection of election-themed Vineyard Vines printed silk ties, and better than that was the press release’s line, “liberal in colour and conservative in price.”

Handmade in the US of A and featuring lovely elephants, stars and American-coloured flags and top hats, we’re instantly reminded of our recent escapade in Maine. How interesting it was to see many homes adorning these half-moon flags. Forgive our self-conscious Canadian pride, but this was just really sweet and fascinating to see.

Or how about them donkeys?

Irresistible donkeys offer another fun way to show your presidential election awareness

For a mere $75 at Vineyard Vines, one of these handsome ties would nicely show your commitment to civic engagement of world politics. We’re especially fond of the buttery yellow foundation colour for the elephants, and this midnight blue for our donkey friends, but you can vote yes in many other colours selections.

So.. who are you voting for: elephants or donkeys? We’ve helped make the decision easier by assigning a party to the tie animal that makes the most sense for each:

Images courtesy of Vineyard Vines.

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