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Just one bite: the Swarovski cupcake

September 4, 2012

Swarovski’s Kingdown of Jewels Catwalk collection festivities include a reigning blue (edible) gem-topped cupcake, the work of a decadent collaboration with NYC hot spot Magnolia Bakery for this week’s festivities

On the eve of a very sparkly Toronto International Film Festival-related Swarovski film-and-fashion event, we can’t help but focus our beady little eyes on this thing of beauty: the Swarovski cupcake.

Fashion’s obsession with the latest trends outed the cupcake as the dessert du jour back when TV show “Sex and the City” popularized the handhelds via New York City’s Magnolia Bakery. This week, the bakery offers a limited-edition cupcake collaboration with Swarovski to help launch the Kingdom of Jewels Catwalk Collection for 2012-3.

Tomorrow evening we’ll be at the Swarovski Fashion Suite in Toronto catching a sneak peek at all those shiny things. And for the record, every Swarovski event we’ve had the pleasure of attending had cupcakes on the menu. Edibles aside, we’re also looking forward to the crystal company’s Bond 50th Anniversary and Skyfall collections.

We wouldn’t put it past Swarovski to fly in Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for this scintillating event, but that said, we’ll take our shiny sweets from wherever we’re lucky enough to score ’em.

Image courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.

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