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Fall comes fast, mmm leather

September 12, 2012

The big news for leather this year is mixed media: coats, vests and jackets that combine different textures, colours and fabrics. We`re seeing knits with leather, suede and leather, glossy with matte, and two tones of leather as shown here. Belted coat, $399 from BLINK at Danier

September rolled in with a brisk northerly breeze and we`ve had fall on the mind. For those us of here who have spent more than their share of time in school, the season`s back to to the books time is always exciting. In fashion, it`s also the launch of NY Fashion Week last week and now London.

As for yours truly, I skipped out on NYC for a trip to Winnipeg this week. Those fall fashion magazine covers at the newsstands are knocking the summer wind out of me and all I`m thinking is leather leather leather!

Mmm, leather. With fall finally coming into reality after months of collection previews, I confess to be happy about leather`s big-time presence this year across the closet: pants! skirts! dresses! vests! quilted fingerless gloves! Bring em. Leather is not just a fancy dress-up game, it`s a comfortable and sleek look that morphs into whatever you want it to be.

This year`s look is an excellent hybrid of decades past that bridges advancements in leather treatments and effects with a proportioned take on cut and shape. We`re seeing glossy 70s leather and updated with other materials and colours to defuse that time capsule effect. What`s also fantastic about today`s classics is a stretch the colour wheel that takes leather beyond its black and chocolate brown staples and into interesting colour blocking with not only softer hues but also suede, felt and knits. Oh, the coordinating possibilities!

To some folks, leather means motorcycles and handlebar mustaches. Well, that doesn`t sound so bad but see what else you can do besides pop a wheelie at the corner of Portage and Main.

This is my fall coat crush. I can`t stop thinking about it and look, I`m even writing love letters to it on my blog. Nice, eh. Okay well it`s obviously awesome with suede, leather and those toggles that remind me of my first-ever Danier coat that was chocolate brown and had toggles. $250 on sale at Danier

If I could buy this one too, I would. Sumptuous lamb leather, handsome buttons and a funnel collar. Shapely and classic, it`s a stunner in slate grey. $899 at Danier

I`m a huge fan of working leather into pieces that didn`t call for the stuff. Leather sleeves on a tee- yes please. $249 at Danier

I know you`re wondering when you`ll wear this metallic leather pencil skirt but really, just throw the thing on with turtle neck and go 1) to the office 2) to a dinner 3) to a party. It`s really not *that* shiny, it`s just right. $199 at Danier

Leather slim fit jeans in teal are not only ridiculously comfy because they`re pre-washed, but cut to fit like a dream. Yes yes yes. $299 at Danier

After years of resisting going back to the ear muffs, I`m finally giving in to these because A) they`re real fur and I love the colour, and B) enough with bad hat hair on those days when I really need things to stay put. $35 at Danier

Go brown instead of black. This quilted leather bag is better than a Chanel at $139.


All images courtesy of Danier

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