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SOREL breaks the ice in Canada

September 25, 2012

These drool-worthy concealed wedge suede boots are kind of  amazing and yes, they’re SOREL. On location at trendy Nyood for SOREL’s fall/winter preview

When you’re a Canadian fashion blogger and you attend a new seasonal collection launch by a big player in the field, you don’t expect to hear that the US-based company and team is launching the new items in Canada first. We’re talking about bringing the entire media and product team, new samples and champagne-toasting PR entourage to us before anywhere else (but to be fair, this shoulder-chip is mostly about US-first launches).

Imagine our surprise and interest when we found out that SOREL is doing just that: launching the fall/winter 2012 collection at hip resto/lounge Nyood in Toronto, Canada, as homage to the brand’s Canadian roots that date back to 1962. And not only that, but the collection launched to a roomful of industry influencers: bloggers and social media mavericks with pull in all the right places. And yes, dear readers, we were invited. (Feather placed in cap.)

Okay, SOREL, so you had us at hello, but it keeps getting better with the Get Your Boots Dirty campaign featuring the internationally accomplished (and coincidentally stunningly beautiful) Leila Janah in these images by photographer Tim Barber. Leila is the founder and CEO of Samasource, a company that creates jobs in countries where opportunities are scarce. A self-described social entrepreneur, she said she was “frustrated by the way things are…and constantly imagining ways that we could do better.”

Jet-setting social entrepreneur Leila Janah is SOREL’s face for the Get Your Boots Dirty campaign and boy, we love what we see (those are the Conquest boots, btw)

The Get Your Boots Dirty campaign is about adventure, versatility and living life to the fullest whether your game is an urbanscape, the tundra or a little of both. SOREL’s choice of a brand rep for its advertising campaign tells us that they’re thinking hard about how and with whom they want to associate. We’ve seen other outdoor product companies create alliances with eco and social initiatives and it’s exciting to discover a brand’s marketing push as far more than a flashy new set of kicks.

The Get Your Boots Dirty campaign features gloriously stylish looks with the SOREL boots stealing the show, but take note on how to wear these: ribbed grey tights, pencil skirt, soft car coat, messenger bag, done

And speaking of which, you’ll be pleased to know that the new fall collection is not only expertly made, durable and cozy, but awfully trendy for the company that brought us felt-lined over-sized boots for -40 winters in Labrador. You’ll also be excited by the nod to felt in this season’s inside-out take on the boot trimmed with large side buckles (pictured down below). Clever and cozy, and we like the cheekiness.

Other fetching looks include alpine ski boot-inspired creations, moccasin-esque suede short boots for him or her, the dark chocolate concealed wedge tall suede lace-up, and the smartly done heeled rubber bootie that doesn’t look a thing like a rubber boot. So long, Hunter- we’ve got ourselves a chic rubber choice.

Action shot of live modeling. Man those SOREL Conquest boots are super cool

His leather ankle boot (above) with gum sole (love) and hers below- a suede moccasin style with burnt orange detail. Note the attention to seams, stitching and layering leather, combining textures

This tall riding boot is a stunner: all that length of supple heavy grey leather finished with neat tan details and a rubber toe. Perfect urban winter wear

The unexpected rubber heeled booty with leather detailing at the ankle’s mouth- so much more flirty and party-friendly than a pair o’ Hunters

Probably the coziest, comfiest fall collection boot at the preview is the uber-cool leather and felt style with over-sized buckles. Loving the felt liner as outer design- nicely done, SOREL- that was clever and is super stylish

This is basically what happens when you cross a moccasin with an old-school cross country ski boot. Genius red suede cord laces

The heavy high gloss finish ox blood leather makes for one fine men’s boot for fall and winter- and guess what? The boot weighs about as much as a cherry

Images by me.

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  1. Steph permalink
    September 25, 2012 6:09 pm

    Wow!!! They’re amazing!!
    Gimme gimme!!!

    • September 26, 2012 9:19 am

      Yes! The collection is so charming and well-designed, and so warm- perfect for our winters. It was so great to meet the SOREL product design team and find out how they were inspired to create these boots.

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