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Marks makes it new, and note to Brad: I do

September 26, 2012

Meeting fashion stylist Brad Goreski at the Marks flagship store launch at Dundas Square in Toronto was fun, I won’t lie

This week brings a whirlwind of activities and possible upcoming nuptials if Brad Goreski was serious about us getting married (more on this later). The week began ostensibly yesterday with a quick stop to Marks’ flagship store launch at Toronto’s Dundas Square, and looking to tomorrow’s Sharp Book For Men fall/winter edition release party in the evening at the Shangry-La Hotel, then off to a fashion pop-up happening at the east side’s new decadent sushi house House of Moments on Friday, and the Art of Fashion VIP event Saturday night at Hazelton Lanes as part of Nuit Blanche. Busy, but good busy.

I’m naturally super pumped to be attending so many fashion festivities- tis the season, as they say. Fall really is a big industry moment in getting your programs rolled out and plugging for holiday.

It’s been interesting to say the least to get to know brands more intimately via my blog and one of favourite aspects of doing what I do is meeting the creative and business teams that manage brands represented here in Canada. Many companies have given themselves a good shake and a fresh focus over the past year and it’s always exciting to meet the people who are part of that transformation or are just saddled on for part of the ride.

Such is the case with Brad Goreski, a Port Perry, Ont-born stylist now living in LA where he manages various aspects of his multi-pronged career: a fashion styling reality TV show- It’s a Brad Brad World, styling celebs, Executive Stylist at Kate Spade NY, the launch of his own book.. you get the picture.

Brad dropped into town to drum up some excitement at Marks’ flagship store opening which featured such crazy contraptions as the -40 degree cold weather simulator. Brad picked out his favourite pieces from the new fall collections at Marks and brought back that sense of reason to making purchasing decisions. After all, us stylish folks tend to fall in love with fickle pretty things on a pretty fickly basis, so it’s nice to bounce into a line of garments that won’t wrinkle, and a yoga pant that won’t pill or lose shape for at least 100 washes.


Brad said to me that he would wear exactly what I was wearing, and that the two of us together look like “a Canadian marriage”. Do I hear wedding bells ringing? Will our bfs mind?

I had a chance to speak with Brad after all the presentations and he told me how much he’s loving what he’s doing- his million plus engagements and crazy jet-setting is exactly what he’s happy to be doing right now and he’s committed to supporting Marks. He grew up in a small town and Marks is part of the scene; and just look at him (above). Isn’t he adorable in his Marks denim shirt and jeans?

There’s a lot of innovation in fabric that happens behind the seams at Marks (sorry- I couldn’t help it) and we’re really pleased to see the style factor becoming an important part of the company’s offerings. It’s really terrific that the sweat shirt and denim repel water but how are they cut and how will my butt look?

It’s also worth sharing with you that this was no rinky dink pep talk: in the house were Marks’ CEO, the General Merchandise Manager for Menswear, the Communications Manager, and many more folks coming straight from the company’s Calgary HQ to meet us bloggers and influencers. They do know how to get the word out, and so do we.

And now, Marks for fall:


Check out my new Marks fall rain booties- cozy, impermeable and taking colour cue from the ubiquitous banana. Or raincoat


The cursive Wind River branding on the heel is nicely executed with those stylized mountains


Yes that’s a rubber ducky on those water-repellent jeans. I was also impressed to see that Marks offers sweat-proof shirts that won’t show your underarm pancakes during your next nervous Power Point presentation


Do you really believe what the tag says? Well take your Marks garments for a little test drive in the minus 40 degree simulator and see if they cut the mustard


Sure looks cold in there, and yes, that’s -40 with wind chill


Great cut-out detail boot for fall and winter with mixed materials: canvas, suede, rubber. Perfect for fall commuting to work


The riding boot at Marks with an easy catch-up messenger bag in mustard yellow with black piping. The rebrand has stepped up the style quotient quite a bit


No-brainer essentials such as matching hats and gloves are cute and tap into current colour and print trends


Super excited about the sculpting at the top of this riding boot. Can you believe this is Marks? Not the Marks I knew


Easy, comfortable and stylish. Marks is the #1 retailer for men’s wear in Canada so now that the clothes are getting a style boost, you’ll be seeing a lot more ruggedly handsome men taking a breather on a bale of hay


The green vest for her really does it for me here – I love the colour and the sheen


Obviously the jacket is warm, but the flannel shirt underneath is really sweet, eh?


This is a great look and the coat is so practical – skirts or pants will work just fine. I love that Marks clothes are technically smart to not wrinkle, not pill in the wash, and maintain breathability


Cute gloves. See what we’re saying? Marks is stepping out of exclusively catering to industrial wear and sashaying into style

Images by me.

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