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Fashion faux pas Friday: Emma Watson, and then Natalie Portman’s hemline

September 28, 2012

Vote ’em! Yay or Nay to Emma Watson’s dress with cigarette pant combo from Raf Simon’s fall 2012 couture collection for Dior? We actually love the look, worn here exactly as the model had it presented on the runway (also pictured below). What’s your say?

Yay or Nay: Emma Watson wears Dior fall 2012 couture pants with dress (intended as a peplum?) to a special screening of The Perks of Being The Wallflower in London

Raf Simons blew the fashion world away and away with his outstanding take on Dior Couture for fall 2012. Here, the top is more peplum than dress as it (unfortunately?) appears on Emma Watson

And while we’re here comparing Hollywood starlets with Raf Simon’s vision for fall 2012 in Dior Couture, how about this hemline situation on Natalie Portman earlier this week?

A few lucky celebs have had the opportunity to dip into the season’s Couture collections and Natalie Portman was caught on cam in a sparkly number by the couturier.

The spectacular gown is meant to be tea length, which is to say mid-shin as shown below left on the model at the runway show, but here on Natalie’s 5’2″ frame we see it skims the floor:

Natalie Portman (left) wears what is intended to be a tea length gown by Raf Simons for Dior Couture fall 2012. Which length do you prefer? I actually think the tea length looks really fantastic here and  showing the angle lightens the visual load of this bottom-heavy dress

Images via The Cut.

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