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That borrowing thing celebs do

September 30, 2012

Naïveté is just part of being a healthy optimist. It was really just a handful of years ago that I learned that celebrities don’t actually buy much of the stuff they strut on the red carpets of the world, but that rather the gowns and jewels are loaned. Solicited or not, the who’s who do quite a bit of product endorsement, and like it or not, their relentless photographic ops represent big business and publicity fuel for their adoring fans and trend-watching media.

And so it was that I discovered one of these secret, celebrity only exclusive product suites at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. The Swarovski Fashion Suite is a luxurious space that the company sets up to support show-stopping stars who may be short a spot of bling. Here we find unique one-of-a-kind ‘couture’ pieces handmade and flown in from Paris for stylists and celebrities to borrow while breezing in through town.

Could I resist dropping in to soak it up? Of course not. And wasn’t it just à propos that the adjoining room was staging the fancy TIFF Producer’s Ball? This was practically undercover work, for godssake.

Here are the pics from a late afternoon’s poking around like a (much) bigger star than I am.


The Swarovski Fashion Suite is an intimate pop up brimming with one-of-a-kind creations available to borrow for red carpet appearances. The exclusive space erected at the Shangri-La Hotel was lovely in pure white decor with crystal chandelier and crystal curtain touches


In addition to one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces (pictured below), Swarovski also throws in a few select stunners from their new Kingdom of Jewels collections, such as this glorious Standing necklace ($1,000). Sometimes simple does it best and this one’s a winner


It was fascinating to see these Parisian-housed Swarovski garments up close: their design is unique and fashion-forward, and the gems really do make for one helluva statement.  This visit also confirmed that I do have a thing for black crystal


This to me is hands-down the most outstanding Swarovski piece, and really, the only thing a gal needs to wear to make a statement


The drama and opulence of this darkly shiny collar necklace takes the collar trend to a new and rich place


A corset piece is here shown with quite a bit of detail fusing bright red gems, silver and black chain, leather, and black and garnet crystals


This cute mod mini is an easy number can be imagined on just about anyone, but count ’em: 170 hours of work and 55,000 stones


Now here’s a great idea: the gorgeous Swarovski Kiosque box clutch ($845) in an array of colours- perfect to compliment any outfit and add sparkle


I know that you also dream about one day wearing the Swarovski crystal dress and I hope one of us gets a chance soon


Swarovski also took the opportunity to add a few fun pieces from their new Bond 50th anniversary SkyFall collection, all items themed according to James Bond’s lavish and dangerous career with references to Octopussy, playing cards and Aston Martins


Swarovski macarons in blue.. perfectly-sized treats for keeping that celebrity waistline in check


More from the Swarovski James Bond collection. Recognize the references?


Swarovski’s new men’s collection for fall/winter- playful and masculine


Fellow blogger friend Casie Stewart (in centre wearing pink) herded all of us bloggers for a group shot


Beautiful Bond girl Bénérice Marlohe is the first actress to appear in a Swarovski campaign, and she’s a natural fit for the 007 colleciton


This outstanding collar piece is something else and yes, obviously one-of-a-kind from Paris as part of the special fly-in collection


I love covering an event of shiny things where there’s a giant crystal curtain


I wanted to show you the detail of this gorgeous knuckle duster from the Segment collection ($220); Swarovski jewelry is always so beautifully made, spot-on trendy and yet classic


Another outstanding show-stopper piece from the Swarovski collection


Me, snapping pictures in the Swarovski Fashion Suite and being snapped

Images courtesy of me and Swarovski.

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  1. October 3, 2012 8:48 am

    This was sucha great post–but love your dress…and bag…and shoes….and dress….and bag…

    • October 3, 2012 1:54 pm

      Thanks Sue! I’m sure you recognize my income tax completion reward shoes from the spring, aka. Rudsak snakeskin platforms. The dress is an oldie but goody from Bedo and the tote is this season-ish Danier. And in that tote was my bike helmet, lights and loafers! Yes! I rode in and out of that event. This late summer I joined the city’s urban cycling community and I haven’t looked back. And you? How do you roll? I know you’re also on the east side, which is actually safely accessible for cyclists.

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