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Breaking News: Ann Taylor opens doors at Eaton Centre, welcomes shoppers

October 4, 2012

In keeping with a ho-hum Presidential debate and in lieu of massively life-changing news, here’s what we’re running with today: Ann Taylor is at last opening its doors at a Toronto downtown location with an industry-only launch tonight. But tomorrow, she’s all yours: stylish fall booties, pretty and classic overcoats, and sharp peplum dresses- yes you can (buy them).

And while we’re here, did you know that LOFT is setting up shop on this side of the border, too? With AT now in Canada, we’re not surprised to see the little sister brand coming by to collect her allowance. More details on this launch soon.

Here I was at the holiday preview of Ann Taylor’s shiny things earlier this year with a lovely gal from AT. Note how my belted sweater hang is really really unflattering but my shoes are kickin ass. I may even have already posted this photo but that’s just par for the course today folks

Image by someone else with my phone, I think.

In other top news, Researchers Discover Bacteria That Can Produce Pure Gold.

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