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Shop trends from around the globe

October 17, 2012

The expansive world of eBay has bailed many of us out of the impossibility of finding the most hard-to-get, unique and uber-specific thing that only our equally unique and specific friend could possibly desire.

On eBay I bought a Steve Goodman record that I couldn’t find elsewhere and it was not only a total score, but won me more thoughtful points than I had imagined. The vinyl arm of eBay is substantial, but so is the growing fashion aisle.

I have also occasionally surfed the site browsing impressive vintage finds but I’ve been curious about the stories of sellers who post H&M limited-edition designer collaborations like this blouse from the latest partnership, this time with Anna Dello Russo. Someone in the US stood in line while you were sleeping to fight over a $79 shirt made in Bangladesh. eBay’s got it.

As the company’s fashion arm grows heftier with the Canadian branch offering more Canuck designer items domestically and internationally, not to mention lots of fantastic international collections available to us via eBay, the company wants to be your online fashion buying destination.

And that’s why they’re offering you, dear readers, a very good chance at scoring a $50 eBay Canada gift card by simply taking one inspiration trend from their Shop The Globe video (above), snap a pic of you wearing it and then Tweet it using the #ShopTheGlobe hashtag and tagging @eBayCanada . It would also be awesome to help me track if you also tag me in there, @fashioninmotion

So easy.

eBay Canada’s Shop The Globe video takes trend cues from stylists around the world

eBay Canada is offering Fashion in Motion readers five $50 eBay Canada gift cards for you redeemable for whatever you like- even Steve Goodman records, although you’ll probably find something that suits your fancy in the fashion category.

Two easy steps for a chance to a $50 eBay Canada gift card:

1. Watch the Shop the Globe video (above) for key trends

2. Next time you’re in a shop or spontaneously wearing one of the trends from the vid, snap a pic and Tweet it using the #ShopTheGlobe hashtag and tagging @eBayCanada and @fashioninmotion

That’s it! I’ll be tracking the pics on Twitter. See you there!

Contest end date: November 15, 2012.

To get you inspired, a few of the key trends mentioned in the video are tribal, velvet accordion skirt, leather, bright colours.

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