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Jennifer Lawrence for Elle US

November 13, 2012

The Elle US magazine cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence is a study in yays and nays: what about that yellow backdrop? Can we lighten up the bangs? And more importantly- the dress’ keyhole issue

The shot: Elle US magazine’s December 2012 cover

The model: Actress Jennifer Lawrence (from the Hunger Games, The Silver Linings Playbook)

The garb: Balenciaga resort 2013 keyhole dress

The photographer: Carter Smith

The final word: It’s easy to criticize an image, so let’s begin with a few plusses: the white dress is a terrific colour against Jennifer’s porcelain skin; the red lip and nails are classic and piquant; the smoky eye is alluring. Jennifer Lawrence is a babe, no doubt about that. We just can’t understand why she’s weighed down under a mop of bangs. This is probably the first time hair in the eyes not sexy. She’s got enough volume happening around the neck and scooping beyond her shoulders without adding a thick unflattering hat of hair.

As a hair person (meaning I heartily appreciate a good head of head) I’m disappointed with this take on Jenny’s locks. Even in the first shot below, she’s competing with it for attention. The hair threatens to smother her. I’m suffocating writing this.

Let’s move on to the keyhole- awkwardly done, Balenciaga. The hole in the dress just makes no sense in shape (horizontal egg) size (ditto) and location (for some side boob peep?). Even as it plays thematically/geometrically with the neckline cut out, it’s just not aesthetically consistent with good design. And while we’re here, a little less silhouette contouring with the Photoshop tools wouldn’t hurt to restore Jennifer’s curves to at least near-natural shape.

As for the cover itself, it’s really too bad about the diagonal exclamation point. That’s just weird. The yellow colour is also a mystery- especially for a December cover, especially for a white dress.

More pics from the Jennifer Lawrence editorial feature below.

Images courtesy of Elle US.

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