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Just one thing: the cut-off glove

November 22, 2012

Quilted leather fingerless gloves are sexy and instantly edgy. Add red lipstick and you’re a downright rebel. You want to be cool? $39 at Danier

Although the cut-off glove may seem like a bizarre idea as the temperatures drop, you know they’re awesome because the style hearkens back to bad ass days when you were skipping school. Remember the ‘smoker’s glove’- that grey knit mitten with a pop-out cut-off surprise? It’s come a long way and today’s version ups the sophistication without losing the vibe. More dominatrix than detention, this is the way to go to show you’ve still got it.

These days you’ll find urban divas and smart phone-obsessed millennials who want touch screen access wearing them all over the place. Who has time to remove gloves? And pockets are good enough on most days when it is a little cooler for the tips. These bad boys are even sold at Indigo- so how rough & tough can they really be? Just right for all of us who missed out on being one of the cool cats.

Fur-trimmed leather cut-off glove, $35 at Danier

Be a punk in knit cut-off gloves- especially when worn with reading socks (below). $25 at Chapters Indigo

Knit ‘reading socks’, $30 at Chapters Indigo

Images courtesy of Danier and Chapters Indigo.

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