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New year, new job (same outfits)

January 7, 2013
This year I'm blogging as per usj but with some exciting additions to my life: my new contract at the CBC on Live Right Now

This year I’m blogging as per usj but with some exciting additions to my life: a fresh focus for this blog and my new day job at the CBC’s Live Right Now

I suspect I’m not alone feeling that 2013 arrived out of nowhere. I suppose that like so many others, the year did go by fast but there certainly were a few slow months. For me, summer did feel like forever and this was a good thing: it was a happy, deliriously good Beach Boys’ kind of Endless Summer.

I can’t tell you how many ridiculous foodie feasts I had that were heightened with ‘roughing it’ glamcamping in Ontario – in a conservation area no less on one extra long weekend- and on another, delivered the ultimate honour of performing canoe rescue on Mazinaw Lake. Who knew all that bizarre Canuck training was even useful? But if you do Canadian activities, it is. This summer was so very beautiful and slow. I enjoyed the simple nature pleasures with not-so-simple eating and it was all very Canadian and felt wonderful.

And now wouldn’t you know it that 2013 is here- a week in!, and it really did come out of nowhere for me, and also brought in a new job from the pinnacle of media Canadianness. Just before the holidays, it all happened so fast. You might have known that I freelance as a writer, researcher and etc., and now- well, you guessed it- I’m feeling as Canuck as can be. I’m working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC! What a gig and what a joy. I’m very excited to tell you that I’m the Researcher for the Live Right Now initiative for 2013- a health and wellness project with a goal this year of inspiring Canadians to share meals together this year. I’m also responsible for LRN’s outreach so now and again you’ll be hearing about what I’m up to in that department of my life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year; at this time every year, I reflect on where I’m going, what last year brought and decades past, too, and I make some loose goals for the year ahead. It’s productive for me to have a sense of where I’m heading or what gaps might need to be filled. This year holds many new adventures for me, and one of them is the direction that I will be taking with my blog, Fashion in Motion. To be revealed this week- ah ha!

In addition to soon sharing this focus with you, I have been thinking about perhaps doing a little work outfit feature: a regular column about dressing for work. And why not? After sifting through my wardrobe this past week, it’s clear that I have far too many clothes and that what I am keeping (after many donation comb-throughs) deserves a public and digital airing because frankly, my closet rocks. And so with this I expect to share with you the trials and tribulations of office dressing- for now, taking into account my TTC express bus commute. Later, it will be back on the urban two-wheeler.

And so with this in mind, I wish you a very happy new year, and cheers to our future together!



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  1. January 10, 2013 3:05 pm

    Congrats on the new gig! What a way to start off the new year! Happy New Year!!!

    • January 13, 2013 1:45 pm

      Thank you!! I’m pretty pumped. And looking forward to finally posting some of your fab items here this year!


  1. Fashion in Motion: I’ll have the sage wrap « Fashion in Motion

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