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Fashion in Motion: I’ll have the sage wrap

January 30, 2013

Here I am launching the first of my at-work outfit series. I couldn’t resist posing in front of the Dragon’s Den auditions poster at work

As you may know, this year I’m working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on an exciting health and wellness initiative called Live Right Now.

This means no more working from my home office in my sweatsido. (sadly) But I do love to dress up and this is not only an outstanding career opportunity for me to contribute to the CBC and the health of the nation, but also to give my threads their due airing.

I’ve always enjoyed getting dressed up and now that I’m doing it every day with varying what to wear crises depending on the day, I thought I would share with you the outcome of all that morning planning. And, it’s my blog and I’ve been meaning to amp up the ‘me’ content here.

So here’s Fashion in Motion at the office, a weekly series of what I’m wearing to work. I’m delighted to launch with none other than my mom’s suede green wrap skirt! Isn’t it something?

I often build an outfit from one piece that I want to wear. In this case it’s obviously the outstanding skirt that was once my mom’s treasure.

My mom is a leather lover (see- I come by it honestly) and in the early 1990’s my father took her to Danier Leather and bought her head-to-toe leather looks. She came home with a beautiful indigo blue/purple three-piece set: jacket, skirt, pants. It was the early ’90s and my fashionista mom looked sexy.

On another trip to Danier, my mom came home with the sage-green suede wrap skirt with gold buckle and a matching short-sleeve wrap jacket- also exquisite. My mom’s favourite colour is this sage green so I know how much she loves this outfit. I have worn the jacket out a few times and I’ll feature it here next time it makes an outing.

The skirt is quite a statement piece in itself: that’s a lot of skin. Even on me (I’m 5′ 9 1/2″), it’s quite length of suede.

I love feeling the supple suede’s creamy texture and how wonderfully it moves with me. I’ve always loved suede and this (vintage? sorry mom!) skirt looks and feels brand new. No wear and tear. Not even a speck of dipping sauce or a splash of wine.

Today I’m wearing it with a sheer polka-dotted blouse by Smart Set that picks up the sage tone in the skirt. I’ve also added a gold cuff that I picked up a few years ago at Cassis and my Nine West patent steely grey leather wedges; they’re my office bail-out shoes that work with everything. They live under my desk. You’ll also recognize my white watch from Target- another easy goes-with-everything piece. If only the button didn’t accidentally pop out all the time and then pop back in, tricking me into really wondering what time it is.

As for the necklace, it’s a lovely gold vintage piece that my boyfriend gave me- we found it in Brockville, Ont. in a converted church that is now an antiques market. We were out there camping at Presqu’ile Provincial Park and escaped to town during a rainy morning start to the day last summer.

Stay tuned for next week’s getup.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    January 31, 2013 3:42 pm

    I love this new series Johanne! And I love that your sage wrap comes with a family story.

    • February 1, 2013 9:29 am

      Thanks Jordana! I’m very excited to show you more.
      Always fun to introduce a new series to FiM.

      • Steph e permalink
        February 1, 2013 11:58 pm

        I recognized mom’s skirt right away!!!
        You’re hillarious – and knocked it out of the park!
        Do you have the indigo pieces too? Those were hot! I’d love to see that pencil skirt on you!

      • February 3, 2013 7:51 am

        I don’t have the indigo set – and I’m not sure it would fit me. That set is in a smaller size.. Women were thinner then (even after having three kids!).
        Happy you recognized it, sis, I knew you would ;).

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