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Fashion in Motion: the cat’s meow

February 10, 2013

Just look at that meow face

Clearly this vintage coat needs no introduction, but, then again, maybe it does.

This week I’m sharing with you the most high-wow factor coat I own: a vintage Cavalli écru quilted number with an insane collar and gold and silver leopards leaping all over the place. And they have green eyes like emeralds.



It’s a force to be reckoned with: when I wear this out, people don’t just stare, they follow. It’s one of those pieces that’s so unexpected and a little bit nuts but with a “Naturally I’m fabulous and I *am* pulling this off” flair. And it’s true- I pull this off and I feel fabulous doing it. It’s a special piece and one that is not afraid to be itself, and oh- how beautifully does it achieve it.


Leaping over the pocket!

The fabric is silk inside and out. Rarr. The oversized cocoon hood is a sight to behold especially when I flip it up. The gold centre zipper is a perfect finish like a long necklace down the front while concealed zipper side pockets (with a leopard leaping by no less!) are essential and nobody’s business. I did at one point this fall wear it while riding my bike to downtown to attend a fashion event. Yes, the traffic did stop.

Just imagine the looks and eyebrows when I wore it work on the Beaches downtown-bound express bus: that sea of Bay Street black woollen overcoats never knew what hit them. I was The Tiger’s tiger in John Valiant’s book.

I wore it to work on a day that I overheard being referred to as “Junuary” because it was so mild outside. The coat is a season’s transition piece and that day was a blip of warm air during an otherwise cold January.

I wore it with my wedge-heeled Cougar boots (way too warm for that day) and multi-coloured sweater tights from Urban Outfitters. My red leather bag has been my office daily bag since I joined the CBC Jan. 3, but I’ve had it for years- since 2007 actually, when I treated myself to a working gal’s essential tote/messenger-capable carryall. That was when I was hired at Brother Canada as the National Educator for the home products division (sewing machines). But enough about that. It’s a gorgeous bright colour and the two large front pockets (not shown) are handy for storing my Metrocard and office pass card.

But really, why are we even talking about the bag? This time it’s clearly all about the coat.


Signed by the master

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  1. February 11, 2013 3:27 am

    Oh wow this is the best print. Ever. Looks amazing :)

  2. Jordana permalink
    February 11, 2013 12:17 pm

    Who can resist emerald eyes?

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