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A meteoric event

February 15, 2013

Today, this happened: a 10-tonne meteorite seared through earth’s atmosphere breaking the speed of sound, crashing in Russia and injuring more than 500 people. This news is just breaking. I’m in shock along with the rest of the world. Have you seen the photos and the video on CBC’s website?

And so I did what anybody would do- I wore this:


Unlike the incredible meteoric event in Russia this morning, my fluorescent star t-shirt was a planned cosmic outburst. I’m stepping up my office outfits now with coordinating with current events. That’s dedication. That’s what a CBC gal ought to do

WOW to the meteorite. I’m sad to hear that it is catastrophic to people’s lives- it could have landed anywhere. But aren’t we all reveling in the cosmic event’s craziness?

I’ll be following this story closely. Meanwhile, check out my threads today (pictured above): Blundstone boots, cotton navy pants by Smart Set, white ribbed racer back tank and a fun star-print and sequined t-shirt from Hard Candy‘s new spring collection.

Happy Friday, stay safe and beware of giant balls of fire coming at ya.

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