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Fashion in Motion at the office: a fashionista’s union look

April 18, 2013
Really. I wore this daytime and cocktail hour, and why not

I wore this shiny outfit daytime and cocktail hour, and why not. Here with colleague and friend Ruby

Readers, I did a day-to-evening look. The thing is, I do it all the time and yet it always feels weird to call it that.

If you’re okay with wearing a shiny disco ball skirt to the office, I highly recommend going for it and then going out somewhere afterward. Everyone at work will think you are exciting and probably going somewhere better after your day (optional), which in my case, was a most unusual answer: I wore this to the Canadian Media Guild industry mix. That’s right- a union members’ party. My first! And really, being a union member is de rigueur, non?

Needless to say that I was the shiniest thing there, which is quite a feat since the event was at the TIFF Lightbox Blue Room which has shiny blue crystal pendant lights.

I wore my trusty Joe Fresh skirt with my trusty Levi’s chambray shirt (I love this shirt- good for the beach or the shiny office look), black tights, tall black leather boots, a vintage gold necklace, and my fab Danier Leather croc-print patent tote. And oh yes, I had my fun colleague Ruby as arm candy: she wore her grey blazer, black slacks, brown boho bag, a giant bangle that I covet from a trip to Norway, and a tassel pendant necklace with turquoise that she forgot all about until that morning. Ruby told me that pulled it out from the depths of a jewelry box and thought she should wear it again. I also love Ruby’s earrings- they look like coins dangling from chains. Ruby designs jewelry so it’s always fun to see what she’s wearing.

I’m curious to know what your day-to-night tricks are; tonight I’m heading out to the Sharp Book For Men party at the Trump Tower and I’m doing a total superman for that affair. Pics to come.

But for the more practical days, I usually try to make my daytime look fit cocktail hour. What’s your go-to day-to-evening?

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