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May 16, 2013
Here I am with my friend Amy at the Carlu's 10th anniversary gala last Friday in Toronto

Here I am with my friend Amy at the Carlu’s 10th anniversary gala last Friday in Toronto. Thank you for the photo!

Friends, I went out to Toronto’s most decadent, glamorous and downright scintillating party on a lovely spring Friday with my friend Amy.

And we were snapped on camera and voilà, appearing on sites here and there.

The Carlu celebrated its 10th anniversary and my lovely marketing success friend Amy was invited to toast the night. I was her date, and nothing was spared. Aptly named, Decadent, this party was intense luxury. We’re talking about a red carpet stretching out to our cab’s door when we pulled up. And a million attendants to make sure you have a perfect entrance, and what a ball it was. Cocktails, crystal balls, live music in two of the rooms, beautiful lighting shows and mood, finger foods and a beautiful lit wall of risotto teasers. Grills and fresh delicacies. Bubbly. It was incredible.

And so we pulled out all the stops: Amy wore a fun dancing skirted-50’s style print dress with patent strappy burgundy heels. It was fun! I wore a 70’s hot pink full-length V-shaped dress with matching chiffon cape embroidered in light blue, matching vintage starburst light blue earrings and the brooch tied at the nape. The bracelet was also on duty. It was very fun. I loved wearing the outfit. Staple silver clutch, gold platform sling-backs. Game over.

We had the most spectacularly beautiful evening- it was non-stop dancing, swirls of Lalique fountain drops and joy.

Thank you Amy for a fantastic night!

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