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Colour Injection: Fuchsia

July 29, 2013

Ever since I wrote about flamingos my interest in pink – and specifically fuchsia – has really grown. I recently bought and moved into a new townhouse and while I’m planning on making the whole place white, I am seriously considering injecting a bit of fuchsia into the place. I also bought these affordable fuchsia pants pants to really experiment with wearing the colour and I especially love them paired with a crisp white shirt (no surprise there).


Fuchsia pants, Smart Set

And since I thought I needed more inspiration (or convincing) about this colour, I took the the internet and found gorgeous pieces for the home and wardrobe in this vibrant colour.


Fuchsia for your wardrobe. Images via Polyvore


Fuchsia for your home. Images via Polyvore

What do you think? Is this a colour worth spending money on?

p.s. Looking back at my Fashion in Motion posts, it seems that I’ve been thinking about fuchsia for quite some time: look at this and this.

Images via Polyvore.

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