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Happy back-to-school from The Peg

September 3, 2013

That`s right I`m in the Peg, but no I`m not going to school here. A somewhat ambiguous title.

It`s back-to-school season, which means plaids, kilts, black leather shoes and gold buttons on blazers. Creamy knit cardis and backpacks. Despite the trends, these fall basics never change and resonate with fashionistas who are way out of school by now.

That`s right I`m writing from Winnipeg, home of the Jets and the Golden Boy. I`ve been snuggling my own new golden boy on this first chance to meet him: a beautiful baby nephew. The head count of wee ones is now three and it`s a treat to spend the week surrounded by mini-mes.

As dutiful readers you know that I`ve been on a lazy blogging vacation all summer. I`m excited to come back to the fall blogging season with some more Fashion in Motion at the office posts and a few new weekly columns I`ve been dreaming up.

Over here in the prairies this week I’ll be checking out some vintage shops in the Exchange (Winnipeg`s cobble-stoned heritage downtown neighbourhood) and raiding my sister`s closet: so far I`ve already got two pieces out of the latter. See that`s why packing light works.

My mom just returned from a vacation in Quebec and has me eating fresh mild cheddar from the fromagerie Boivin and home made wild strawberry jam itsy bitsy field strawberries. Takes about a billion to make a teaspoon of the stuff. I piled it high on this morning`s toast. You only live once.

Happy start to the fall season my friends, and I am very excited to share the coming fashion transition to cooler weather with you, however reluctant we may be to see an end to this sublime summer.

September is now!

Johanne xo

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  1. Steph permalink
    September 6, 2013 2:28 pm

    Good tip! Next trip to Toronto – I’ll be packing light!
    Happy shopping today in wpg’s vintages!

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