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Looking SHARP

October 3, 2013
The best part of a successful party outfit is a hot party date. To wit: a study in magenta and orange by the handsome Eric Gold. Rarrrrr

The secret weapon to a successful party outfit is a hot party date. To wit: a study in print, magenta and burnt orange by the handsome Eric Gold. And just look at that coif. YEOW!

I always love the Sharp Book For Men party, a special bi-annual event that the Sharp Magazine team hosts for the most beautiful people in the city. It’s always a high-stakes event for attending men and women: Sharp Magazine is the definite style guide for the male of discerning taste and offers quite a spread on every page. No one at this party ever looks sloppy. There’s no such as thing as casj walking through those doors.

I’m very happy to be on the call list of attendees (an absolute honour) and in the days leading up to it, it sure is quite a circus of outfit planning in my sprawling closet of pleasures.

Except for this year. I just threw on the vintage Lilly Farouche silk jumpsuit with eagles screened on it in gold and that was the end of that stress. I picked it up in Winnipeg at Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe among other fine finds. Added to it trustee strappy heels in black satin and the longest 50s vintage clutch you’ve ever seen. I think I accidentally smacked about a hundred people with that thing, and then I got complimented on it. What a crowd.

I also wore the most versatile pair of clip-on earrings I’ve got: they’re my latest lobe crush and actually don’t squeeze me too tight. I’ll be featuring those soon since you need to find something similar and then you’ll feel like you have more control over your life. Right?

You can certainly see more pics from the night’s festivities at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. Just look here.

Image courtesy of Sharp Magazine.

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