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September was

October 7, 2013
Fashion in NYC amazing. Well done Jen Kao, NY, on this shot of sunshine and shag

Fashion in NYC is all sunshine and shag. Jen Kao, NY

It’s October now and not just today but for the past six days, too. That means fashion weeks came and went in Paris, Milan and NY (did you watch?) and soon it will be Toronto’s turn.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fab of September – thick magazines filled with fashion dreams outdone by sensational outfits paraded on sidewalks.

Giovanna Battaglia, Milan

Giovanna Battaglia, Milan

Anna Della Russo, NY

Anna Della Russo, NY

Susie Lau, Paris

Susie Lau, Paris

New York

New York

All images courtesy of The Cut.

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    Rewind what happened and what’s hot in September.

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