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Candidly Cashmere

October 9, 2013

The closer you get to the beautiful Cashmere bathroom tissue dresses, the better they are. Up close here with a pink ruffles by DUY and Joseph Helmer’s punched gown

As I’m sure you know, this month is breast cancer awareness month and Cashmere bathroom tissue’s big roll-out of the year’s dress competition. I was very excited to attend this year’s 10th anniversary presentation at the AGO and come home with my swag bag of pink bathroom tissue.

There is nothing more curiously intriguing then watching a parade of women elegantly dressed in TP and trying to keep the thing from falling apart as they go. This is the ultimate test for the dress and the moment of truth for working the photo op.

The speakers boom out the latest pop beats and out they come after the final speech, “And as all women know, nothing feels like cashmere”, meanwhile the models are in their installation dresses and – oh dear – there’s a strand of tissue hanging off the side not unlike what you’d drag out of the ladies’ at a resto. Yes it’s always funny but we keep our poker faces as we tweet the sighting.

To knock it out of the park designers need to come up with something unique that moves with the body, cuts an innovative shape and sticks together long enough for the show. Details seem to be my favourite picks year after year- the dress made of tiny buttons each made painstakingly and then attached- incredible. This year, my hands-down fave is the knit dress by Dylan Uscher that is so simple and sumptuous. “Want to touch it?” The model asked. “Yes!” It felt like.. Cashmere.

So come over here and vote for Dylan’s dress! (Pictured below) Or if you find anotherdress you prefer, fine, you can vote for that one. Each vote will equate to a $1 donation made on your behalf to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Do it-vote right now.

Here below are more photos I captured at the show. I went for more candid moments, hope you appreciate this relaxed tone. We are, after all, talking about TP here. Let the good times roll.


Beautifully executed simplicity and luxury: a knit dress by Dylan Uscher


Carlie Wong created a beautiful Asian-inspired fitted mini while Micalla channeled the cobra. Sssssssssss



Luko Marion had a vision of a flower bed, butterflies and button details


Joseph Helmer’s stunning sculptural creation


VAWK by Sunny Fong gown (left) and Farley Chatto costume and headdress


Crystals everywhere with Swarovski’s shine



Milliner David Dunkley and his outrageously beautiful creations topped the day

All images by Fashion in Motion.

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