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About FIM

I’m Johanne Durocher, the creator of Fashion in Motion: a magazine-style blog about all things fashion and lifestyle.

With Fashion in Motion, I foster a dynamic conversation where the fashion industry and its supporting members (bloggers, readers, consumers, thinkers) share ideas and weigh in on trends, how-to pull off a look, and what’s happening in the hood.

Johanne at Swarovski preview springMy passion for fashion extends to a greater appreciation for art and design, and this is my space to share my excitement with my talented contributors and spunky readers.

Some trends we love right now:

  • Vintage – it’s well-made, has spirit, and is eco-friendly
  • Leather pants
  • Chunky jewelry
  • Pastels
  • Pleated trousers

By day I am an associate producer at the CBC. I have been featured in print publications including Hello! Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Boomer Magazine, The Star, and various digital media. You’ll read more of my work at my guest columns for design blog White Cabana and food and cheese blog Cheese and Toast.

Fashion in Motion is based in Toronto, Canada.

Contact me and the team by email at or send me a tweet @fashioninmotion

Johanne at LG Fashion Week in Toronto, April 2010

27 Comments leave one →
  1. December 15, 2008 3:21 am

    Really great site you have here! Love all the things about celebrities and fashion

  2. December 15, 2008 10:01 am

    Sarah, thank you so much for the compliment!I’m so excited to get feedback from other fashion bloggers!

  3. Lisa permalink
    December 22, 2008 9:24 pm

    I like your layout! I like the twitter one too!

  4. December 23, 2008 9:48 am

    Thanks, Lisa! Coming from a graphic designer that’s huge!

  5. February 5, 2009 10:46 am

    Awesome blog, very informative and entertaining! Keep up the great work :)

    Your new fan,
    Vie xoxo

  6. February 5, 2009 10:58 am

    Thank you so much, Vie. Your blog
    is a daily inspiration- I love your shopping choices and I want those Louboutins!
    – Johanne

  7. March 14, 2009 4:00 pm

    Keep up the great work!


  8. Gabriela Delworth permalink
    August 8, 2009 6:44 pm


    Wow! I love this blog, it’s awesome!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Art DepartMENTAL permalink
    October 2, 2009 5:09 pm

    Love the blog. Thanks for linking me. It’s become a daily read.

    • October 5, 2009 10:12 am

      Thank you! I’m loving yours! I’m fascinated by what you do and your blog posts are great. Who doesn’t think that Ansel Adams is a genius? :)

  10. February 16, 2010 12:18 am

    I just came across Fashion in Motion and absolutely love the images, tone, and overall style. And coming from another English Lit junky whose kinda more obsessed with fashion and writing, I’m loving what you do.

  11. February 17, 2010 12:31 pm

    Hey I still read your blog from time to time, it’s really fun!I never would’ve found it if you didnt do that entry about the Carrie necklace (and I’m loving my necklace by the way. I cant wait for the 2nd movie! And did you hear about the book coming out called “The Carrie Diaries”?)

    • February 17, 2010 3:25 pm

      Hi Anna,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m loving my Carrie necklace too- did you see the preview for the second SATC movie? Looks fun!

      I heard about the Carrie Diaries.. not sure if it’s worth the read. I should probably pick it up (and call it ‘research’).. haha.

      J :)

      P.S. I love your profile pic on your blog- that puppy is adorable!

  12. February 19, 2010 11:40 am

    Yea, the preview for the second movie looks so much different from the first one!! I’m hoping the Carrie Diaries isn’t too “teen-ish” … I say definately pick it up for research, then report back! haha :)
    The puppy is Spuds, he turns 6 on March 1st- maybe I’ll blog about his birthday!

  13. christie permalink
    March 29, 2010 4:51 pm

    Hi Johanne,

    Great site!

    Do you have a mailing address we can send products to for reviews?

  14. Art DepartMENTAL permalink
    March 29, 2010 8:13 pm

    I love the new header. Great new look for the blog!

    • March 30, 2010 11:12 am

      Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback!

      I love it, too. We’re rolling out more changes over the next few weeks. The new concept is designed by a good friend of mine (Stephen Tasker) who also happens to be a graphic designer genius..

  15. Summer permalink
    January 26, 2011 12:02 pm

    Hi-great site-but please, put me out of my misery-WHERE can I get your eyeglasses???????

    • January 26, 2011 12:46 pm

      Boy oh boy, do I have a story for you! :)))

      Thank you for complimenting my eyeglasses, I love them so much (!) and I recently had a very bad accident with them- I broke them! I wrote about it all here, this is the post:

      I won’t spoil the ending for you in case you’ll read this ;).

      In the meantime, I can tell you that the glasses are by l.a. Eyeworks and the frames are called Cornu. They’ve long been discontinued but you can still find similar frames online (you’ll learn more about this when you read my post). My post was also featured on l.a. Eyeworks’ blog,

      Looking forward to hearing from you after you’ve read all of these eyewear adventures!! :)

  16. Jacqueline Newton permalink
    June 21, 2011 11:35 am

    Great source of fashion information!
    Thanks for the research in one location

  17. June 25, 2013 5:53 am

    Hi my first time on your blogs and live them both!!
    Your passion is very evident!!!!


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