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Sharp Book For Men fall/winter edition

October 3, 2012

Isn’t it great to put a face to an otherwise digital contact? At the Sharp Book For Men fall/winter edition party I absolutely randomly met Coty Canada PR Coordinator Niside Aloi, who helps supply us with fantastic fragrances throughout the year. Here we are in a photo taken by blogger friend Spiro Mandylor of It’s All Style To Me

As you know, last week was fash-action packed.

The highlight of the week’s running around was meeting Niside Aloi in person at the Sharp Book For Men fall/winter launch party; as one of my blog-related contacts at fragrance behemoth Coty Canada, we had an otherwise digital-only friendship. As long-distance correspondents and other digiphiles out there know, the pleasure of meeting in person is truly exciting.

Needless to say that the Sharp party was a gas. Sharp really gets the thirty-something male mind and in the house were big-pouring bar tenders in addition to Scotch tasting bars, cigars available for puffing on the adjoining Shangri-La Hotel terrace, plenty of whole hog baby roast pork for DIY mini sandwiches and roast duck in mini tacos, and babes galore to compensate for an otherwise very male-dominated group. Product showcases from Toronto-based Gotstyle where they really know how to dress a man for anything, and other delightful high-end displays by Betty Hemmings and BMW.

Toys for who again?

Flipping through this edition of the Book For Men with Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Freed revealed a very cool spread on -of all things- fragrances through casting Rick Genest in a series of digitally-enhanced images shot by Matt Barnes. I’ve taken the liberty of showing you a few pics from this shoot here below. Jeremy told me that nurturing Canadian content by using internationally-recognized home grown talent such as Genest is another way that the Sharp aesthetic and culture moves forward from within.

Also be sure to look for the Brit hunt-inspired editorial in the fall/winter Book; it’s really superb styling, and all those tweeds and rolling hills will make the sunset on the summer of 2012 a little more okay.

The Sharp Book For Men fall/winter edition launch party is always fun and fancy, my two favourite Fs after fashion although most days it feels like a three-way tie

Beautiful travel accessories such as Globe-Trotter trunks make me drool and I’m not a man

Luxury goods such as very exclusive high-end time pieces (there aint no ‘watches’ here)

Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Freed and guest flanked by party treats

See! I really was there. Wearing a simple white tee, black silk trousers, disco shiny shoes and Swarovski bling

Here’s what everyone always wants to know: what’s in the swag bag- shoe laces, fragrance sample, Crew hair and body products, shoe polish, and what I can only assume to be a mint crusher for making mohitos (centre and branded Havana Club)

Nicely done fall fragrance feature featuring tattooed Montrealer Rick Genest

Isn’t this simply outstanding Photoshop work-? Totally blown away. Check out more in the Sharp Book For Men

Images courtesy of Sharp and It’s All Style To Me.

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  1. October 5, 2012 9:35 am

    Looks like a good time! I love your outfit by the way. Simple but yet very chic! I want the globe trotter trunk set for myself!!

    • October 5, 2012 4:25 pm

      Thank you for the outfit compliment; it was simple and all about the shoes (which are prominently featured in the pic but they really are fab)! I do love those silk pants and they have pockets (amazing feature) and a crystal-studded waist band (also pretty awesome since that’s an *elastic* waist band no less).

      I certainly did have an amazing time- Sharp always throws a great party. Let’s each get Globe Trotter trunks and then go on a sea-faring voyage!


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